I received the wrong item(s) in my order

We strive to ensure that every order is fulfilled accurately, and customers are thoroughly satisfied. We sincerely apologize if you have received incorrect item(s) in your order. To swiftly resolve this issue and expedite the process of getting you the correct item(s), kindly follow the guidelines stated below.

Policy Guidelines:

1. Immediate Action:

  • If you've received an incorrect item, please initiate a customer support ticket within 5 days of receiving the order.

2. Customer Support Ticket:

  • To facilitate a prompt resolution, it's essential to provide the following information when submitting your customer support ticket:
    • UPC Number: The Universal Product Code (UPC) of the incorrect item received.
    • Photo of the Item(s): A clear photograph of the incorrect item(s).
    • Photo of the UPS Tracking Label: Ensure the tracking number and other details are visible.
    • Photo of the Packing Slip: A clear image of the packing slip included with your shipment.

3. Resolution Process:

  • Upon receipt of your ticket and review of the provided information, our customer support team will investigate the matter.
  • A representative from our team will contact you within 24 business hours to confirm the details and explain the next steps in the resolution process.

4. Correct Item(s) Dispatch:

  • Upon validation of the provided details, the correct item(s) will be dispatched to your shipping address. We aim to send out the replacement as promptly as possible.
  • Further instructions regarding the return of the incorrect item(s) will be communicated by our customer support team.

5. Return Shipping:

  • Whole Latte Love will bear the cost of return shipping for the incorrect item(s), and a prepaid shipping label will be provided for your convenience.
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