Can I modify an order in transit?

We understand that sometimes plans change and you may need to alter the delivery address after an order has been dispatched. However, due to strict security measures and our commitment to protect your personal information, specific procedures must be followed to amend any details related to an order in transit. Please read through the following policy which outlines the process and conditions for making changes to an order in transit.

Policy Guidelines:

  1. Verification Process: To modify an order in transit, customers must call our customer service team directly. This is essential to ensure we verify your identity and protect your security. Our team will ask a series of questions to confirm your identity before discussing or making changes to any order details.

  2. Applicable Fees: Please note that any rerouting or change of address may incur additional fees. Once your identity has been verified, our customer service team will guide you through the payment process for any applicable fees associated with the desired changes.

  3. Payment Method Limitations: Unfortunately, if your original order was placed using PayPal, Klarna, or Shop Pay, we are unable to make any changes to your shipping address or reroute your package once it has been dispatched. This is due to the specific security and privacy policies related to these payment methods.

  4. Return to Sender Charges: If, for any reason, your package is returned to us (unopened and undeliverable), and you wish to have it resent, you will be responsible for the applicable shipping charges. Our customer service team will reach out to you to confirm the additional shipping fee and to arrange payment before the package is re-dispatched.

  5. Modification Guarantees: Please note that any modification to the delivery details is subject to the policies and capabilities of our carrier partners and thus is not guaranteed. Depending on the carrier and the stage of transit, modifications may not be feasible. Our team will work with the carrier to facilitate changes when possible, but we urge customers to confirm details thoroughly before placing an order to avoid any inconvenience. 

Contact Us: Please call our customer service team at 585-924-7170 during operating hours.

We understand that changes to your order can sometimes be crucial and we appreciate your compliance with our policy to ensure your security and satisfaction. Should you have any further inquiries, our customer service team is here to assist you during our operating hours. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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