Bezzera Flow Control Device Update: New Range of Motion

In 2023, Bezzera made an update to the flow control device which has reduced the range of motion on the device to around 270°. This design can be found on machines sold by Whole Latte Love starting in the beginning of 2024.

With the reduced range of motion, you can also expect to find different flow rates than those previously published. Below are graphs representing testing we have done on the original flow control versus the updated design. We have used the Aria as our sample for machines with rotary pumps and the Magica for those with vibratory pumps. 

Original Device Flow Rates:

Magica FCD V1.pngAria FCD V1.png

New Device Version Flow Rates:

Magica FCD V2.pngAria FCD V2.png

Note: These values are not the same on all models and can very based on additional factors. The values provided are intended as a conceptual guide. To determine the flow rates more precisely on your specific machine and setup, you will need to perform your own flow rate test. To perform a flow rate test, all you need is a cup, a scale, and a timer if your machine does not have a shot timer. Here are the steps:

  1. Dispense water from the group head directly into a cup for 20 seconds.
  2. Weigh how many grams of water were dispensed.
  3. Divide your grams by 20

If you perform this test at different positions on your device, you can create your own graph to help you create more specific profiles to brew with. For more specifics on testing and recipes, check out our support article Intro to Calculating Flow Rate on E61 Group Machines.

Additional information on the updated device:

There has been no cosmetic update to the device. The first and new version are identical from the outside. The only difference is in the length of the needle that sits in the valve and controls the flow. You can see the difference in needle length in the picture below with the first version on top and the new version on the bottom.


Failure of normal wear and tear items such as group gaskets, seals, and shower screens are not covered under warranty.  Issues due to scale build-up or lack of maintenance are not covered.

If you would like to have one of our skilled technicians repair your machine, click the link 


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