How Fresh Is the Coffee You Sell?

All of our coffee sold as “New” is shipped with at least 60 days remaining before reaching its “Best By” date, as listed on the package. This date is a recommendation by the manufacturer.

Coffee marked down as part of a Flash Sale, as Clearance, or otherwise indicated as past the Best By date, may have fewer than 60 days remaining or has already passed its Best By date.

One type of roast we offer is commercial coffee, which has a best buy date usually well after the roast date but still maintain their freshness until that date. Commercial coffee is roasted in very large batches and the process and packaging used ensures that the beans are kept fresh for a very long amount of time. These are guaranteed within 60 days of the "Best By" date.

If you did want coffee that has a best by date closer to the roast date, another roast type we offer are micro roasts. The hallmark of a good micro roast is the emphasis placed on freshness, carefully selected beans, and precise roast profiles. These are guaranteed within 60 days after the "Roast" date.

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