📹 T​he Coffee I Purchased Tastes Bad!

It's possible that the coffee is better suited to different preparation and brewing techniques than you're used to. Our coffee selection is large and it can be easy to choose a product without fully understanding how different brewing and roast techniques affect what pours into your cup. We strongly recommend reviewing the video at the end of this article on the Golden Rule of Espresso Brewing.

One type of roast we offer is commercial coffee. Commercial coffee is roasted in very large batches. The process they use and their packaging ensures that the beans are kept fresh for a very long amount of time. The best buy date for large roasters are usually well after their roast date but still maintain their freshness until that date. These are guaranteed within 60 days of the "Best By" date.

If you did want coffee that has a best by date closer to the roast date, another roast type we offer are micro roasts. The hallmark of a good micro roast is the emphasis placed on freshness, carefully selected beans, and precise roast profiles.

We strongly advise trying the smallest available size of any coffee variety before purchasing multi-packs or bulk quantities, as taste is subject to individual preference. Each bag, brick, pod, or unit of coffee is representative of that product’s flavor profile as a whole. These are guaranteed within 60 days after the "Roast" date.

Note: Coffee is a grocery product and is not eligible for return.

Golden Rule of Espresso Brewing

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