How Do I Order Parts for My Espresso Machine or Grinder?

Given enough use, wear and tear parts of your espresso machine or grinder will need to be replaced. Irregular behavior, accidental damages, and machine failures are often remedied by replacing worn out parts with new ones.

How do I Know Which Part to Order?

To ensure that you receive the correct part, either identify it by its extended Part Number as listed by the manufacturer's parts diagram for your machine, or discuss the issue with a member of our Technical Support Team by submitting a request. The extended part number will usually by a short string of numbers and/or letters.

When you have obtained the correct part number, have that on hand, along with the your machine's brand and model, call (585) 924-7170 (Option 1) to have a sales representative help set up an order.

I Received the Wrong Part. What do I do?

If you believe that you have received a different part than the one you ordered, the first step is to contact a member of our Technical Support department, which you can do by submitting a request.

In the event that the correct product was ordered but the incorrect product was shipped, we will attempt to recover and replace the part.

In the event that you ordered the wrong product for your machine, you will be responsible for replacing it with the correct part.

Can I Return a Part I Ordered?

Parts are ineligible for return or exchange. There are no exceptions to this policy.

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