Can I Modify an Order I Placed?

Can I Change the Products in my Order?

Orders placed online cannot be altered or adjusted in any way once submitted. Orders placed over the phone with a member of the Sales Team may be altered until they've been processed for shipment. Please contact a member of the Customer Service team for additional information. To do so, click here.

Should you want to Cancel your order or have it returned to us, check out our "How Do I Cancel My Order?" article.

Intercepting or canceling an order will require additional processing time and can incur additional charges. Cancellations and intercept attempts are not guaranteed.

Can I Change the Address that my Order is Shipping to?

If your order has not been shipped, a member of our Customer Service team can be contacted to change the shipping address for your order. Click here to do so. Orders that have been modified in such a way will require more processing time and may incur additional charges.  Orders which have shipped cannot have their address changed.

Can I Have My Order Held for Pickup at a UPS Facility?

We're sorry, but you cannot request to have an order held at a UPS Facility. This is to ensure the security of your package and make certain that you receive it.

How can I change which payment method I use to pay for an order?

Orders paid for and processed cannot have their method of payment altered or their balance transferred.

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