What if a Product is Out of Stock or on Backorder?

While we strive to keep products in stock, occasionally an item may become temporarily unavailable for purchase.

What If the Product I Want to Order is Out of Stock?

You can contact a member of our Sales Team by submitting a Customer Service Request, or calling 585-924-7170 (Option 1) to pre-order an item to be shipped when the merchandise is back in stock.

What if the Product I Want to Order is Discontinued?

If a product you’re interested in purchasing has been discontinued, our Sales Team can be reached by submitting a Customer Service Request, or calling 585-924-7170 (Option 1). We would love to help you choose another similar product.

The ETA for a Product Suggests It Should be In Stock But it isn’t?

An ETA, or the Estimated Time of Arrival, is the best estimate available to us provided by our vendors and suppliers for when a product will be in stock once more. While these dates are typically accurate, they are subject to change based on product availability.

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