Gaggia Accademia: Change the Language

Learn what to do if your Gaggia Accademia is not using your preferred language, or if the text displayed is not in English.

Accademia Not in English

If for some reason your Accademia language is no longer set to English, it can be rather difficult attempting to change it back. The instructions below will help you resolve this.

  1. Press the menu button (the one under the gears).
  2. You will be in the menu that says 2. Machine Settings (albeit in another language) at the top.
  3. The top function is General Settings — press the button under OK (far right).
  4. In this menu, you want Display Settings, which should be the fourth one from the top. Use the arrows to highlight it and press the button under OK (far right).
  5. The top function under this Display menu is Language (it may be Lingua, Langue, Sprache, or Idioma). Press the button under OK to enter this function.
  6. Scroll through the menu to change it to English and press the button under OK (far right). This should take you back out to the menu, and you can press ESC (far left) to leave the menu screens.
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