Gaggia Classic Pro: Replace the Portafilter Handle

Learn how to replace the Gaggia Classic Pro portafilter handle.

If the plastic handle of your portafilter has broken but the portafilter head is still in good condition, you can purchase and attach a new handle. Follow the steps below:

  • You will need:
    • 1 very thin flat blade screwdriver
    • 1 replacement portafilter handle and end cap
    • 1 hexagonal wrench or socket that can reach inside of the handle

Replacement Steps

    1. Remove the old handle by first removing the old end cap. BE CAREFUL — DO NOT USE OR HOLD THE SCREWDRIVER TOWARDS YOUR HANDS OR BODY.
        1. Find the small space around the end cap.
        2. Slide the blade of the screwdriver into this space. Again be careful — you do not want to press the screwdriver toward your own hand or body. We suggest placing the portafilter into a table-anchored vice.
        3. Using the screwdriver, pry off the end cap.
    2. You will now be able to see a hex head bolt inside the shaft of the handle.
    3. Use your socket or wrench to loosen the hex bolt.
    4. Once the bolt is loosened all the way, pull the portafilter head and handle apart.
    5. Clean the end of the portafilter head. There may be some coffee and other residue that was covered by the old handle.
    6. Drop the hexagonal screw down into the new portafilter handle. Use your wrench to slide it through the hole in the end and steady it.
    7. Start to thread the hex bolt into the hole in the portafilter head. Once you have it properly threaded and turned a few times, press the plastic handle over the portafilter head.
    8. Hand-tighten the hex bolt. Do not over tighten it, this can crack the new handle.
    9. Place the new end cap on the open end of the portafilter handle and press it into place.
    10. You can now use your portafilter again as if it were new.
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