Gaggia Anima Prestige: Bean Hopper Lid Open Error

Learn what to do if your Gaggia Anima Prestige is displaying a message that says you need to close the bean hopper lid when it is already closed.

Bean Hopper Lid Open

If your machine is displaying the error that the bean hopper lid is open, even though the bean hopper lid is closed, the magnet for the hopper lid likely went missing. When the hopper lid is closed, the magnet makes a connection with the sensor on the machine, telling the machine that the lid is closed.

If your magnet is missing, we have replacements readily available, but you can also use a small round magnet from a hardware or arts and crafts store. In order to be able to adjust the grinder while it's running, as described in this machine’s user manual, we recommend gluing the magnet in the socket shown in the photo below.

GAGGIA ANIMA Magnet Socket.jpg

Bean Hopper Lid Magnet Socket

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