Gaggia Anima Prestige: No Flow From Milk Carafe and/or Hot Water Nozzle

Learn what to do if your Gaggia Anima Prestige is not producing steam from the milk carafe, or water from the hot water nozzle.

No Flow From Milk Carafe Or Hot Water Nozzle

Flow issues and blockages are typically due to lack of maintenance or excessive scale buildup. Refer to this machine’s “Difficulty Frothing” article which discusses milk carafe issues before proceeding.

  1. If the milk carafe is attached, remove it from the machine and attach the hot water nozzle to the milk carafe port.
  2. Set the machine to the hot water dispensing mode.
    • The machine should now begin to heat up, and a thermostat icon will appear on the screen.
    • If the machine gets stuck on the thermostat icon for a long period of time or the machine gives an E15 error the machine will require a repair; one of the thermostats has gone bad.
    • If the machine heats up properly you should hear the pump start to vibrate.
  3. Once the pump is activated, hot water should begin to flow through the nozzle.
    • If hot water flows through the nozzle stop the machine from dispensing hot water and try using the milk carafe again. There may have been a piece of debris in the steaming circuit which the hot water function dislodged.
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