📹 Gaggia Brera: Descale Light Stuck On

Learn what to do if the descale light is staying lit on your Gaggia Brera, even after descaling.

Machines we manufactured before 2013 that have a serial number that starts with a TU9013... do not have an automatic descale cycle.  When you are done you have to push and hold  "Aroma Strength" button (wtih the beans on it)  to turn off the light.

The more recently manufactured models of the Brera uses an automatic descaling cycle.  You must follow the instructions  in the manual and do not interrupt the process.  And make sure  you fill the reservoir to the "Max" line in the reservoir.   

Note:  Do not remove the brew group during the descale process.


If you having low flow and the cycle will not complete there could be other issues and the machine has to come in for service.  Could be an issue with the pump, selector valve or the brew group.  Make sure the water tank is seated properly.

How to Automatically Descale a Gaggia Brera

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