Profitec Pro T64: Not Powering On

Learn what to do when your Profitec Pro T64 is not turning on, or has no power.

How to Resolve the Profitec Pro T64 Not Powering On

If you own a Profitec Pro T64 and it is not powering on, you will want to make sure that there is not an electrical issue with the outlet where it is plugged in. Refer to the steps below to determine the cause of your issue.

  1. First plug the grinder into another outlet. Make sure the grinder is the only device on the outlet, and that the outlet works with other appliances.
  2. Try backing out the grind to a coarse setting. If the burrs are too close together they will not be able to move.
  3. If the beans grind correctly on this setting slowly move the grind setting to the desired position. Only adjust the grind size while the grinder is running or you risk jamming the grinder or blowing out the fuse again.
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