📹 How to Resolve Low Steam Pressure on Profitec Pro 300

Troubleshoot low steam pressure on your Profitec Pro 300.

My Steam Pressure Is Low

If the steam pressure is low on your Profitec Pro 300 you may want to inspect the pressure stat or the high limit switch to ensure that your machine is functioning properly.

  • If you have flipped the steam switch and have given the machine at least 10 minutes to fully heat, then check the steam pressure. If the steam pressure isn’t low, first remove the steam tip and inspect it to make sure it isn't blocked off from debris or old milk.
  • The upper cup warmer should be removed and the stat should be inspected to make sure it is not popped or damaged. A damaged high limit can prevent a machine from heating past a certain point. If it is popped the machine will not build steam pressure. Also inspect the non-resettable steam thermostat for damage and continuity. Refer to the video below for instructions on removing the housing of your Profitec Pro 300.

  • If all appears to be fine, the problem could be a result of a bad element, bad pressurestat, or control board.
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