📹 How to Resolve Profitec Pro 300 Not Steaming / No Hot Water through Group

Troubleshoot Profitec Pro 300 not steaming and/or having no water through group.

Not Steaming and No Hot Water through Group

If your Profitec Pro 300 is not able to produce steam or hot water, refer to the instructions below to determine the cause and how to restore your machine.

Confirm that water is coming through the group head when the toggle switch is flipped.

Is the orange light coming on on the front of the machine and blinking?

  • If No, move on to the next question.

Is the machine plugged in and the power switch on?

  • If Yes, move on to the next question. If No, plug the machine in and turn the power switch on.

Visually inspect the high limit switch. Is it melted or broken?

  • If Yes, replace it. If No, unplug the machine, and reset it.

Power the machine on to see if it heats. Test the high limit switch for continuity. Does it have continuity?

  • If Yes, move on to the next section. If No, replace the high limit switch.

At this point if you have no flow through the machine to the group head and there is no damage or the stat is not popped, the failure may be due to a bad control board, PID, or boiler element, static relay, or coffee/steam thermostat. Servicing your machine is suggested.

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