📹 Profitec Pro 800: Leaking From Steam Wand or Hot Water Tap

Troubleshoot leaking from Profitec Pro 800 steam wand and/or hot water tap.

Leaking From the Steam Wand Or Hot Water Tap

If there is water or steam leaking from the wands on your Profitec Pro 800, that means that the valve for that wand isn’t closing all the way. Refer to the guide below on how to stop your machine’s wands from leaking.

If either wand is leaking from the end of the wand, it means the steam/hot water valve is not fully closed.

  • Make sure the knob is securely in the closed position.
  • If the knob feels loose, or doesn't appear to be properly engaging, then there may be a loose or broken part in the knob assembly. Instructions for taking apart the knob assembly can be found in the video below:


  • There is also a seal in the steam valve that may be worn or dirty and is letting water through. The seal may need to be replaced, or it can also be flipped over and reused.
  • If the leaking persists, then the corresponding valve may need to be replaced.

If the wand is leaking between the tip and the arm of the wand during use, there is an o-ring that is broken, missing, or out of position.

  • The steam tip o-ring is easy to access. Simply unscrew the steam tip and there will be a small o-ring between the tip and the wand arm. Inspect this o-ring for damage and clean it.
  • The hot water tip is a little more complicated, but still easily accessed and cleaned.
  • First unscrew the tip assembly from the wand arm.

The red arrow points to the o-ring for the hot water tip.

  • There will be an o-ring between the tip assembly and the wand arm. If the leaking was coming from here, then this o-ring needs to be cleaned and repositioned, or if it is damaged it will need to be replaced.

PRO 700 Hot Water Tip End Removed.jpg

  • If the leaking was coming from farther down on the tip, then the tip will need to be disassembled further to troubleshoot. To disassemble the tip further simply twist the two halves of the tip assembly in opposite directions. Alternatively you can screw the tip back onto the machine and then just unscrew the bottom half of the tip; this will give you a better grip on the tip to unscrew the two halves.

The disassembled hot water tip.

  • Once the tip is apart, it will separate into three separate pieces. There will be three metal pieces and another o-ring. Inspect the o-ring for cleanliness and damage. The metal pieces can be soaked in a solution of hot water and backflushing powder to remove any scale buildup on them.

If the wand is leaking from the ball joint, then there may be an o-ring that is worn out or out of position.

Ball Joint Securing Nut

  • These instructions apply to both the steam and hot water wands. First remove the wand arm. This can be done by unscrewing the hex shaped nut at the top of the arm. Please note that this assembly is reverse threaded, so you will need to turn the nut clockwise to loosen it.

The tension spring may be stuck in the steam valve like the picture shows.

  • Once the wand is removed you may have parts stick to the valve assembly. Do not lose these parts.

The red arrow points to the teflon o-ring.

  • If the leaking was coming from the top of the securing nut, check the white teflon o-ring to make sure it is in clean and in good condition.

Parts of the wand ball joint. The metal gasket is pictured in the center, and inserts into the bottom of the spring.

  • Inspect the tension spring to make sure it is in good condition. The spring should be really firm. If it is easily compressed then it may need to be replaced. The bottom of the spring will have a metal gasket, which helps the wand pivot on the spring. Make sure these parts are clean and reinstall them.
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