How To Troubleshoot No Power or Popping of GFCI on an ECM Casa V

What to do if there is no power or popping of GFCI on your ECM Casa V.

My Machine Has No Power, Pops GFCI

If your ECM Casa V has no power, won't power on or turn on, or pops the GFCI outlet, review the following to resolve the issue.

  • Try testing another appliance on the same outlet. Does this appliance have power?
    • If Yes, we recommend having the machine serviced by a tech.
      • If you’d like to get into the machine yourself, make sure the machine is off and unplugged. Remove the upper cup warming tray and the cover for the water reservoir. Take out the water reservoir and set it to the side. The machine top is held on by six 2.5mm screws. There are two screws in the front, two screws that hold the OPV adjustment to the top, and two screws on the backside of the panel that hold it to the res plate. Once removed the top will lift off, exposing the machine. The boiler will be accessible and the leads for the element will be visible coming out of the top of the boiler, and they can be tested with a meter for continuity and voltage.
    • Yes. Electrical testing will need to be done to check the power cord of the espresso machine. If the power cord needs to be replaced, we would recommend having the machine professionally repaired.
    • No. The problem is your outlet.
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