ECM Classika PID: No Hot Water or Steam

Learn what to do if an ECM Classika PID espresso machine is not producing steam, or cannot dispense hot water from the group head.

  • Confirm that water is coming through the group head when the lever is lifted. Is the orange light coming on on the front of the machine and blinking?
    • No. Is the machine plugged in and the power switch on?
      • Yes. Move on to the next question.
      • No. Plug the machine in and turn the power switch on.
    • Visually inspect the high limit switch.
        • Is it melted or broken? Replace it.
        • If it is not broken, unplug the machine, and reset it.
          • Power the machine on see if it heats.
        • Test the high limit switch for continuity.
          • Does it have continuity?
            • Yes. Move on to the next question.
            • No. Replace the high limit switch.
    • At this point if you have flow through the machine to the group head and there is no damage or the stat is not popped, the failure may be due to a bad control board, PID, or boiler element, static relay, or coffee/steam thermostat.
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