ECM Classika PID: No Steam Coming Out After Opening the Steam Knob

Learn what to do if there is no steam coming out when opening the steam knob on the ECM Classika PID.

  • Is the PID on the machine lit up? If the display of the PID is not on, the PID may have failed or a wire has become undone to the PID.
  • Steam and hot water share the same valve so make sure you have flow out of the valve. You can do this by opening the valve, activating the toggle switch on the front of the machine and running some water through. If no water is coming through, perform the steps listed in this machine's "No Water Coming Out of Valve" article.
  • If you have established that you have flow, there is another toggle switch on the front of the machine that is for activating the steam function. Flip this toggle switch. ST should show up on the PID display and you should see the machine start raising in temperature on the PID display. If this is not happening, the steam toggle switch may have failed and should be tested with a meter for continuity, or make sure no wires have fallen off of the terminals of the switch.
  • If the toggle switch has been flipped and the PID has displayed ST, let the machine sit for about 5-10 minutes. Try opening the valve; some water will purge out of the valve followed by steam. If this does not happen you may have a faulty PID which is not controlling the steam function when the switch is activated.
  • The high limit should also be inspected to ensure it has not been popped.
  • Also check the steam stat for continuity and that it is not damaged in any way. These stats are not resettable and will prevent the machine from heating.
  • Otherwise the issue is connected with the control board, or static relay.
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