How to Resolve Low Brew Pressure on an ECM Classika PID

Troubleshoot low brew pressure on an ECM Classika PID.

My brew pressure is low

If you find that the brew pressure on your ECM Classika PID is too low, or below your preference, review the following to resolve the issue.

Do you have the backflush disk in?

This is the only true test of brew pressure. Coffee has too many variables. The backflush disk gives us a control model. With the backflush disk in, the gauge should rise to 10 bars in 9-11 seconds.

  • If your brew pressure is truly low, and has been measured with the backflush disk in:
    • Try running a test of the vibration pump, and adjusting the OPV.
      • If the Pressure is low, the adjustment for the OPV is located on the top of the machine screwed into the upper cup warmer. Run a brew pressure test and when pressure is built, use a flat head screwdriver to turn the OPV clockwise and counter clockwise to see if the brew pressure changes. If the brew pressure does not move, you may have a failed OPV.
      • Try turning the OPV clockwise, did brew pressure increase? Did the pump get quieter with a little bit of increased pressure? Drop the lever, remove the portafilter, run some water through the group, replace the portafilter and lift the lever again. When it builds pressure, does it build to the newly adjusted pressure? If the pump became quieter with the slightly increased pressure, and was unable to achieve the newly set brew pressure when running a second brew test, the pump may be too weak and has failed.
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