📹 ECM Synchronika: No Water Coming Out After Opening the Water Valve

Learn what to do when there is no water coming out when opening the water valve on an ECM Synchronika espresso machine. 

If you're trying to dispense hot water with your ECM Synchronika, but no steam water is coming out when you open the hot water valve, review the following instructions to resolve the issue.

Make sure that the steam valve works, and the issue has been isolated to just the hot water side of the machine.

Is it showing approximately 1.2 bars of pressure?

  • Yes. Remove the hot water tip. Open the hot water wand. Does water come out?
    • Yes. Remove the tip from the hot water tap and test the flow. If flow is restored then the tip needs to be cleaned and reattached. Mineral deposits can easily collect in the screen/holes of the hot water tap, so be sure to clean these thoroughly. Soaking the tip in a solution of hot water and backflushing powder will help remove residues more effectively.
    • No. There may be a blockage in the wand of the hot water tap. Clean the wand by using a pipe brush that has synthetic or plastic bristles; metal bristles can damage the wand. Then soak the wand in a solution of hot water and dish soap. Backflushing powders should not be used due to the chemicals, which can cause a reaction that will strip or change certain metals different colors, especially if any type of coating is missing.
    • No. Allow the machine to cool, remove the housing, remove the copper pipe off the back of the hot water valve and check for a blockage. If no blockage is present in the valve or the end of the pipe, a blockage is present on the boiler side. The machine should be sent in for repair/descale of the hydraulic system.

How to Diagnose Hot Water and Steam System Obstructions

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