Rocket Espresso R58 V2: PID Blinking Three Dashes

Troubleshoot blinking PID on the Rocket Espresso R58 V2.


Below are instructions to follow if the PID on your Rocket Espresso R58 V2 is blinking three dashes.

PID Blinking Three Dashes

If the PID is blinking three dashes when it is turned on, there are a few things to check:

  1. First, only connect and disconnect the PID while the machine is powered off.
  2. Make sure the connector is firmly attached to the machine. The three dashes will appear if the PID is powered, but data isn't transmitting. This is typically because the connector is only partially attached.
  3. If the previous steps did not resolve the behavior then there may be a loose cord inside the machine. Unplug the machine and remove the case by following the instructions in this machine’s “Remove the Case” article. Once the case is removed check the connection from the PID module to the control board.
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