📹 Expobar Brewtus IV: Low Steam Pressure

Troubleshoot low steam pressure on the Expobar Brewtus IV.

Steam Pressure is Low

If the steam pressure is low in your Expobar Brewtus IV, there are several things you can check to make sure that your machine is functioning properly or that something is amiss. Refer to the instructions below on how to properly diagnose and resolve steam pressure issues with your machine. 

Can you trust that the gauge is working and reliable?

  • Does it drop to 0 when the machine is completely cooled?

    • No? The gauge is unreliable and should be replaced. Refer to the document attached at the bottom of this article for instructions on how to replace the gauge.

    • While Steaming?

      • The steam gauge is going to drop from 1.2 to.8 on average, when the steam knob is opened. This is normal.


    Has the machine had about half an hour or so to fully come to heat?

    • Yes. Move on to the next question.

    • No. Leave the machine on for a full half hour to let it come to temp.

    • Try adjusting the pressure stat.


  • Did the machine rise in pressure, and hold steady?

    • No. Replace the pressure stat. Part number Ex-60000008

To replace the pressure stat on your Expobar, you will need to remove the housing and locate the stat. The installation is quite simple and will only require a few tools. Start by removing the housing on your machine. Then, follow the instructions attached at the bottom of this article on how to replace the pressure stat on your machine.

  • Remove the steam tip, hold up to the light and inspect for partial blockage from debris, old milk etc. Clean if necessary.
  • Make sure the Teflon “no burn” tube that is inside of the steam arm, is not sticking out too far. It can block the holes of the steam tip. You can push this back up into the wand.
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