Expobar Office Lever and Office Lever Plus: Coffee Tastes Bitter or Sour

Troubleshoot bitter or sour espresso on Expobar Office Lever and Office Lever Plus.

My coffee tastes bitter or sour

Typically, issues with crema or the flavor of the shot do not indicate a malfunction with your Expobar Office Lever or Office Lever Plus espresso machine. Instead, this indicates that an adjustment needs to be made in the brewing process or that different beans need to be used.

  • Here is some helpful advice on Tamping.
  • Making adjustments to the grind is going to have the biggest impact on the coffee extraction. If it is too coarse, the coffee is going to come through too fast, and not extract long enough. How to Grind For Espresso.
  • If the grind is too fine, it is going to extract for too long, results in really bitter shots.
  • It is important to use fresh beans, typically beans roasted within the past two weeks are best. Light and medium roasts are best for espresso brewing and richer crema.
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