What is your tax exemption policy?

At Whole Latte Love we adhere to all applicable tax laws and regulations. Customers who qualify for tax-exempt status are welcome to place tax-exempt orders in compliance with the guidelines below. Please read through our policy carefully to understand the requirements and process for placing a tax-exempt order.

Policy Guidelines:

1. Tax-Exempt Qualification:

  • To qualify for tax-exempt status, customers must provide a valid Tax-Exempt Certificate relevant to their jurisdiction.
  • It is crucial that the Tax-Exempt Certificate is under the same name and address as the entity making the purchase to ensure compliance with tax regulations.

2. Submission of Tax-Exempt Certificate:

  • A clear copy of the Tax-Exempt Certificate must be submitted to our team prior to placing an order.
  • Ensure that all relevant details, such as the entity name, address, and tax-exempt number, are clearly visible and legible.

3. Order Placement:

  • Once the Tax-Exempt Certificate has been received and validated by our team, you may proceed to place your order.

4. Validating Tax Exempt Status:

  • Our team will review the provided Tax-Exempt Certificate, ensuring its validity and compliance with applicable laws.
  • Approval for tax-exempt status is conditional upon the validation of the provided certificate.

5. Communication and Confirmation:

  • You will receive communication from our team confirming the receipt and status (approved/declined) of your Tax-Exempt Certificate.
  • Upon approval, subsequent orders will be tax-exempt as per the terms of the certificate, providing the account details remain consistent.

6. Audit and Compliance:

  • Whole Latte Love reserves the right to audit and verify the tax-exempt status of orders.
  • Customers may be contacted for additional information or clarification as deemed necessary to ensure compliance with tax laws.

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