How do I Add or Update My Address?

You can update your address information from the dashboard of your Whole Latte Love account. To sign-in or create an account, click here: Account Page: US / CA

  • Once logged in, click where it says "Hi, [Your Name]". Next, click "Account Details" from the dropdown menu that appears. This can be shown in the image below.


  • After being taken to the "Account Details" page, click "View Addresses". This is shown in the image below.


  • From the "Your Addresses" page, click either "Edit" or "Delete" next to the address you wish to modify or remove. You can also add new a address by clicking "Add a New Address". This is shown in the image below.
    • Note: When editing or adding an address, there will be an option to "saved_address_4.PNG" at the bottom of the information fields. Check this box for address you wish to have as your primary address.


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