Gaggia Accademia: Empty Grounds Error

Learn what to do when you get an “empty grounds drawer” or “empty drip tray” message on your Gaggia Accademia that will not go away.

Continuous Empty Grounds Error

If the “empty grounds drawer” or “empty drip tray” message on your Gaggia Accademia will not clear, then one of the drip tray sensors may be malfunctioning. This can happen if the spout on the front of the machine is improperly positioned, causing brewed coffee to spray inside the door where several electronic sensors are located. If these sensors get wet, they can temporarily short out, or they may be permanently damaged and require repair. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

  1. Review your espresso spout alignment.
  2. Make sure that you are emptying the grounds drawer/drip tray while the machine is turned on and out of standby. The machine will not reset the counters for these sensors unless it is powered on. Once removed, wait fifteen seconds or so before reinserting.
  3. Remove the spout completely from the machine. It will pull straight forward for removal.
  4. Unplug the machine.
  5. Open the front door and prop it open. Leave the machine like this for at least 48 hours. If the sensor is wet but still operational, it needs time to dry out before the machine will function again. A small fan blowing on the back of the door will assist in drying the unit out.
  6. Reassemble the machine. Ensure that the brewing spout is perfectly aligned. Alternatively, it can be left off the machine and coffee will come out in a single stream instead.
  7. If the machine is still displaying the error message, try emptying the grounds drawer and drip tray while the machine is on. If the message still does not clear after doing this then the drip tray sensor is damaged and the machine will require a repair.

Failure of normal wear and tear items such as group gaskets, seals, and shower screens are not covered under warranty.  Issues due to scale build-up or lack of maintenance are not covered.

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