📹 Gaggia Classic Pro: Recommended Cleaning Products

Learn which products to use when cleaning your Gaggia Classic Pro. 

When you are cleaning your Gaggia Classic, it is  important to use the proper products.

Below you will find:

  • Links to and descriptions of different Cleaning Products we recommend.
  • At the bottom you will find a link to an article that will show you how to perform routine cleaning and maintenance on your Gaggia Classic. 

Cleaning products:

  • BWT Bestsave S Anti Scale Filter
    • Yes, this is not a cleaning product but it is an amazing way to prevent scale from building up in the machine. We very highly recommend you use these to prevent the issues that scale build up can cause.
    • Backflush Cleaner
      • This a Urnex Cafiza and is used for soaking the portafilter (metal parts only), filter basket, shower holding plate, and the shower screen. DO NOT use this for descaling!
  • Scoop Brush
    •  This is a combination tool with a scoop and brush. The brush is used to clean the group gasket on your machine and the scoop is used for measuring the amount of Cafiza you use.
  • Gaggia Decalcifier
    • This is used for doing the decalcification process. It is specially formulated for the Gaggia Classic.
  • Backflush Disc
    • This is what we call a blind filter basket, it has no holes in it.  You use this when you backflush your machine.
      • NOTE:  Do not backflush the early model Classics, as they come with an Aluminum shower holding plate. Only the Classic Pro and Evo Pro have the Stainless Steel version.  You can purchase stainless steel shower holding plate here:  Stainless Steel Shower Holding Plate

Here is a Complete Guide to  Cleaning, Maintenance, Backflushing and Descaling your Gaggia Classic Pro. 


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