📹 Gaggia Babila: How to Descale

Learn how to descale your Gaggia Babila, as well as how often you should descale, and why it is so important.

On Descaling

Watch the video below to learn how to descale the Gaggia Babila super-automatic espresso machine with a step-by-step guide that demonstrates the procedure from start to finish, with special instruction for those using a water filter.

Descaling Cycle Frequency

The following table shows how often you should descale your Gaggia Babila depending on water hardness and whether or not an Aqua Clean water filter is installed.


Water Hardness

Without Water Filter

Not Reactivating the Filter


Soft water (up to 7°dH)

Approx. every 6 months / 240 litres

210 litres


Medium water (7° - 14°dH)

Approx. every 3 months / 120 litres

105 litres


Hard water (15° - 21°dH)

Approx. every 6 weeks or 60 litres

52.5 litres


Very hard water (over 21°dH)

Approx. every 4 weeks or 30 litres

26.25 litres

The default water hardness level is 4. Each liter of water corresponds to approximately 2,000 pulses.

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