Profitec Pro 300: Machine Leaking

Learn what to do if a Profitec Pro 300 espresso machine is leaking, as well as how to determine the cause of the leak and how to fix it.

1. Is coffee coming up and over the portafilter?

  • Replace the group gasket.

2. Do you hear a hissing sound?

  • The vacuum breaker is built into the pressurestat on these machines, it is all connected with rubber tubing that connects to the drain. If you hear hissing like steam is escaping, or see steam coming out of the front of the machine it is possible that the vacuum breaker is stuck open and is allowing steam past it. If you take off the top of the machine and look at the pressurestat you would be able to see steam in the line as well as hear the hissing. If this is happening you should turn off the machine, depressurize the machine, and then you can open the vacuum breaker portion of the pressurestat and remove the small components and clean them. Please refer to the attachment for instructions. If this does not stop it from happening the pressurestat/vacuum breaker combo unit needs to be replaced.

3. Is it steaming from above the machine through the vents on top?

  • If there is steam coming from the top of the machine this would likely be due to a loose fitting. Or the safety valve has popped and is releasing pressure.
  • Take off the top of the machine and inspect all fittings to see if a leak can be identified. Also inspect the safety valve on the top of the steam boiler. If the pressure has risen to the point where the safety has released it will be noticeable. Usually the safety can be heard releasing and and will continue spraying, also the gauge will show the increased pressure.

4. Is the leak coming from around the nut where the steam or hot water wand attaches?

  • There is an O-ring in there. You can try to tighten the nut first. If that doesn’t stop the leak, take it off, and check on the O-ring that sits in there. The O-ring should be placed at the bottom of the nut resting in a channel on the inside of the nut. This will either be a rubber O-ring or Teflon ring. It may either be worn or damaged and will require replacement.

5. Is it dripping or leaking out of the tip of the steam wand?

  • Yes. It should leak or drip a little bit after use, and when the machine is first started up. This is normal, and due to condensation in the pipe. It should subside after a few minutes of non use.
  • The valve has a shaft that runs through it and on the end of this shaft is a rubber gasket. If there is debris present in the valve, it will cause this rubber seal to not properly seat and will let water past it. The rubber gasket may also be dried out due to age, or has been ripped from being over tightened and will no longer seal off the valve when closed.

6. Is the leak coming from between the steam tip and the wand?

  • There is a rubber O-ring or Teflon gasket in between them that may need to be replaced.

7. Is the leak coming from the boiler itself?

  • Is it leaking from where a valve screws into the boiler?
  • Remove the valve, and clean any remnants of sealant. You can use Teflon tape, Permabond, or Loctite to reseal the valve back into the boiler.
  • If the leak is coming from a weld point on the steam boiler then the boiler needs to be replaced.
  • If the brew boiler is leaking, the brew boiler sits on top of and attaches to the group head, there is a gasket that sits between them. If water is coming from this location between the boiler and the group, then either the bolts need to be tightened, or the gasket is bad and requires replacement.

8. I cannot find the source of the leak.

  • Run the machine to allow it to heat. Some leaks may only be apparent under heat and pressure.
  • You can open the machine and send us any photos or videos, so we can determine if we can find the source of the leak.
  • Send the machine in for service.

9. Is the leak coming from the bottom of the machine?

  • Inspect the plastic reservoir valve socket. If it is cracked, it will need to be replaced.
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