Gaggia Cadorna Milk: No Flow From Steam Wand

Learn what to do when the Gaggia Cadorna Milk is not producing steam from the steam wand, as well as how to restore flow.

No Flow From Steam Wand

Flow issues and blockages are typically due to lack of maintenance or excessive scale buildup.

  1. First set the machine to hot water mode.
    • If the machine has a pannarello or turbo-frothing attachment on the wand remove it for the remaining steps.
    • If the machine displays an E15 error code, or the machine gets stuck on the heating up screen, then there is a thermostat issue and the machine will need to be repaired.
  2. You should hear the pump start to vibrate. Once the pump is activated, hot water should begin to flow through the wand, however:
    • If hot water flows through the wand, stop the machine from dispensing hot water and switch to steam mode. There may have been a piece of debris in the steam wand blocking the flow.
    • If water does not flow through the wand then there may be a more severe blockage.
  3. Soak the wand in a mixture of descaler and hot water. Test flow using the hot water function again.
  4. Use a pipe cleaner to manually clean the inside of the wand.
    • Only use a pipe cleaner with synthetic or plastic bristles; do not use one with metal bristles as it can damage the wand. Test the flow again.
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