📹 How To Troubleshoot No Water Coming Out of Valve on an ECM Classika PID

Troubleshoot no water coming out of the ECM Classika PID valve.

There is no water coming out when I open the water valve

If you're trying to dispense hot water with your ECM Classika PID, but no steam water is coming out when you open the hot water valve, review the following instructions to resolve the issue.

  • Hot water and steam come through the same valve on the Classika. The Classika operates a lot like a semi auto. There is a switch on the front of the machine that activates the pump. Open the valve and flip the toggle switch. When the pump is running and the valve is open, hot water should come out of the wand. If the water is not coming out there could be a blockage in the steam tip, the valve, or further back in the hydraulic system that will require a descale.
  • You can remove the steam tip and try running the pump again. If flow is restored, clean the steam tip that may have become plugged by old milk, or debris.
  • If no water comes through after the tip has been removed, then there may be a blockage in the valve, or pipe leading to the valve. Remove the housing to the machine and undo the copper pipe that connects to the back of the valve. Inspect the back of the valve and inspect the end of the copper pipe, if both of these are clear and free from debris or scale, there could be a blockage on the boiler side. Service should be recommended to have the hydraulic system descaled.
  • If you open the knob and flip the toggle switch and do not hear the pump come on, you could have a bad pump or a failed toggle switch.


How to Diagnose Hot Water and Steam System Obstructions

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