📹 How to Correct Low Brew Pressure on an ECM Synchronika

Troubleshoot low brew pressure on the ECM Synchronika.

My brew pressure is low

If you find that the brew pressure on your ECM Synchronika is too low, or below your preference, review the following to resolve the issue.

Do you have the backflush disk in?

  • This is the only true test of brew pressure. Coffee has too many variables. The backflush disk gives us a control model. With a rotary pump, and the backflush disk in, the gauge should rise to 9 bars in 4-6 seconds.
    • Your brew pressure is truly low, and has been measured with the backflush disk in:
      • What is your water line pressure? This should be around 35 PSI. If it is too low, see if it can be turned up.
      • Adjust your brew pressure.

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Are you getting constant water flow out of the OPV/ discharge tube?

  • The OPV may be too open and needs to be adjusted down. The OPV and the pump need to be adjusted together. For example, if the pump pressure is 8½ and OPV is open at 9 bar, the OPV will need to be adjusted to open at 11 bar, which will cause the rotary pump pressure to raise more to 9 bar. Adjust OPV to 11 bar, then adjust pump pressure to 8½ bar. If these adjustments are not made together it will cause flow issues while brewing.
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