📹 ECM Synchronika: Steam Boiler Not Heating, Not Steaming and No Hot Water Issues

Troubleshoot steam boiler and hot water issues on the ECM Synchronika.

My steam boiler is not heating, not steaming or has no hot water at all

If you're trying to use your ECM Synchronika, but the steam boiler isn't turning on or heating up, or if the machine isn't steaming and won't produce any hot water, read the following instructions to resolve the issue.

Confirm that water is coming through the group head when the lever is lifted, and that this has been isolated to a steam boiler issue. You can still get water out of the group head without the boiler being full. Make sure the autofill function has successfully filled the boiler. The easiest way to do this is to remove the probe from the autofill and let it run for a few seconds, while watching the level in the tank. See if it starts to drop. Put probe back on. Do not run this for too long or you will overfill the boiler and water will pour from the safety.

Is the steam boiler turned on?

  • No. Turn on the steam switch, and wait half an hour to see if the steam boiler will heat.
  • Yes. Move on to the next question.

Is the orange light coming on on the front of the machine?

  • NoIs the machine plugged in and the power switch on?
    • Yes. Move on to the next question.
    • No. Plug the machine in and turn the power switch on.
  • No. Visually inspect the high limit switch.
    • Is it melted or broken? Replace it.

How To Reset High-Limit Switches on a Profitec Pro 700 Espresso Machine

    • If it is not broken, unplug the machine, and reset it.
      • Power the machine on to see if it heats.
    • Test the high limit switch for continuity. Does it have continuity?
      • Yes. Move on to the next question.
      • No. Replace the high limit switch.
  • No. Is the solenoid valve (also called the auto fill valve) clicking, but not filling the boiler?
    • Clean the autofill valve.
  • No. Test voltage out of control board to the pressurestat. Is there voltage?
    • No: Replace the board
    • Yes. Is there voltage coming OUT of the pressurestat to the heating element?
      • No. replace Pressurestat.
  • YesPower down the machine and unplug it. Remove the access panel to the steam boiler on the bottom of the machine. To do this, you will need to either tip the machine on it's back or side. Make sure to rest it gently on a towel or support it so that it doesn't fall over. On the bottom of the machine is a silver panel with two 3mm screws. Unscrew these and the panel will fall off. Inside, you will see the bottom plate of the steam boiler with three wires connecting to it: the two leads (or spade connectors) and the ground wire. Remove the electrical leads to the heating element. Test the heating element for continuity.
    • Is there continuity?
      • No. Replace the heating element. It is highly suggested that if the machine has a bad heating element that the machine be sent in for repair. Replacement of this element is complex and requires an impact gun. Also take note that a bad element can still have continuity so an element should not be dismissed if it has continuity. However in most cases when the red light is on and the machine is not heating, the element will be completely fractured and display no continuity.
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