📹 How to Resolve Group Head Flow Issues on the Bezzera Matrix DE

How to fix poor or no flow from the group head on your Bezzera Matrix DE.

Poor Or No Flow From Group Head

This machine features programmable shot timing; please check to make sure the shots are programmed properly before doing the following steps. Shots can be accidentally programmed to zero, and as a result it may seem like there is a flow issue. Try using the manual brewing function to test for flow before proceeding. If the steam/hot water for the machine is working fine then there is likely something causing a blockage or pressure issue in the brew circuit. Otherwise refer this machine's "No Water Flow at All" article.

  • If a water softener is attached to the inlet line of the machine, it may be preventing water from flowing. Please remove the softener and see if the flow improves.
  • The group head is dirty and needs to be cleaned.
  • Taking apart the group head for manual cleaning is the first step. This should be done on a monthly basis.
  • If cleaning the group head restores flow to the group head, the machine should be immediately backflushed to prevent further flow issues.

Maintaining Your Espresso Machine - Backflushing

  • There might be a kinked, broken, or loose line somewhere in the machine. Remove the top of the machine and take a look inside to see if you see any obvious issues.
  • There might be an issue with one of the internal valve assemblies, which may need to be cleaned or replaced.
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