Expobar Brewtus IV: No Power or GFCI Issues

Troubleshoot power and GFCI issues on the Expobar Brewtus IV.


If you're experiencing issues with your Expobar Brewtus IV not powering on, or it's tripping the GFCI outlet that you have it plugged into, consult the instructions below to diagnose your power issue and get your machine brewing again.

Make sure the water tank is full. When it runs low it will cut power to the machine. The tank is not heavy enough when near empty, to press down on the weighted microswitch.

Is the machine plugged in to a GFCI outlet?

  • Yes.
    • If you’d like to get in to the machine yourself, let’s rule out heating elements on the Brewtus, first. On the bottom of the machine, you will see two black plastic access panels. Begin by unplugging the machine. Remove the access panel to the rear boiler (steam boiler). This is direct access to the heating element. There will be two plastic connectors with two wires attached to the prongs of the heating element. Remove these and let them dangle, not touching anything else. Turn the machine back on. If it keeps power, and doesn’t blow out a GFCI, then the heating element is bad in the steam boiler and needs to be replaced. If the machine still blows the GFCI, or loses power, unplug it again, reattach the wires to the rear boiler element, and remove them from the front element. Plug the machine back in, and see if it has power. If the machine maintains power with one or the other heating element unplugged, the unplugged heating element is bad.
  • Try testing another appliance on the same outlet. Does this appliance have power?
    • Yes. Electrical testing will need to be done to check the power cord of the espresso machine. If the power cord is bad, we recommend professional repair.
    • No. The problem is your outlet.
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