Expobar Brewtus IV: Portafilter Too Tight

Troubleshoot portafilter not fitting on new Expobar Brewtus IV.

Portafilter is too tight on brand new machine

If you have a new Expobar Brewtus IV and the portafilter is too tight in the brew group, this is likely due to the group gasket being new. Often times the portafilter handle does not point at you, at the 6 o'clock position, and instead is a little towards the left. Once the gasket has worn in a little bit, the handle will rest more in the center. This break in period can last a few days to a month depending on use. In a year's time, it will be time to replace the gasket, and it is normal to experience the same break in period again. As long as water and coffee is not coming up and over the portafilter, then it does not pose a problem.

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