📹 Gaggia Cadorna: How to Make Coffee Drinks

Learn how to make coffee only drinks on the Gaggia Cadorna Barista Plus, Cadorna Milk and Cadorna Prestige.

In this article, we will demonstrate how to navigate and utilize the standard drink menu with the preset beverage options. 


How to Make Coffee Drinks on Gaggia Cadorna Espresso Machines


Now let's get into making some coffee and espresso drinks on the Gaggia Cadorna series!

To start the process of making a drink, select espresso from your machine's home menu, then press start/stop and your machine should start brewing. You may notice that your initial shot doesn't look quite like how you want it to. If this is the case for you, don't fret! The first shot you make can tend to appear less than idea because the you are feeding beans into the hopper for the first time, and your machine needs needs a larger sample size before the Gaggia Adapting System can learn more about your grind preferences and adjust accordingly.

This will also be the case if you want to change your grind settings at any time in the future. If you do decide to make a change, make sure you brew a couple of shots to allow your machine to properly adjust.

Ristretto Double

When it comes to utilizing the 2 Drinks function available on the Cadorna series of machine, let's go over how to make a Ristretto Double as an example.

To make a Ristretto Double, select the Ristretto drink option, then the top right button for a double drink. If done properly, you will see the cup image on screen change to an image of two cups. This process is the same for all drinks that have a 2 Drinks option.

One of the benefits to making a double drink is the ability to make two cups of the same type of drink one after the other. This is great when you have company over and two guests want the same drink! Another benefit is the ability to give yourself or one of your guests double the amount of coffee available in a single drink.

A trick to get stronger coffee is to halve the amount of liquid and double the strength of your drink, then make it a double. For example, if you normally make an 8 ounce coffee, you can make a double of a 4 ounce coffee with double the strength to get a drink that is the same amount of liquid with even more strength.


If you're in the mood for just a full cup of coffee, the Cadorna series of machines has a drink option called coffee that allows you to customize your drink to your exact specifications without sacrificing the size of your drink. Just make sure you have a cup or mug that's large enough to hold your desired amount!

It's worth mentioning that while this drink option is called coffee, espresso machines like the Cadorna still brew under pressure with very finely ground coffee. This means the kind of coffee you can get from your machine is going to be much richer and full-bodied than anything you'd ever be able to get from a drip coffee maker.

Another thing that's great about the Cadorna machines is that at any point during the brewing cycle you can press the start/stop button to stop dispensing. This comes in handy when you're testing out the settings for each drink you're not really sure how much volume you want or need.

Please note that the process of making an Espresso Lungo will be brewed exactly the same way brewing a coffee, with the difference being the total volume of each drink.


The final primary coffee drink available on the Cadorna series of machines is the Americano. As is the case with the drinks previously mentioned in this article, you will first need to select Americano from your machine's main drink menu. Once at the Americano drink menu, you can customize the amount of coffee and water to your liking.

What's unique with this drink option is that — true to the process of making of an authentic Americano — your machine will first grind and brew your coffee, then briefly pause before dispensing hot water separately.

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