📹 Gaggia Classic and Classic Pro: Steam Valve Leak Test

You may have noticed some water dripping out the end of the steam wand when it's not in use. 


The vast majority of the time, this is simply a little  water remaining in the steam wand that drips out as the  machine heats up and the wand gets hot.  It's totally normal and not indicative that there's a leak in your steam valve. 

If, however, you want to be absolutely certain that your steam valve is in good working order, there's a simple test you can perform to make sure. 

If you perform this test and find that your steam valve is, in fact, leaking, one of the most common causes is a build up of scale that keeps the valve from sealing. Descaling your machine should resolve the issue. 

If descaling doesn't work and you need to replace the steam valve, our "Steam Valve Replacement" Article will assist you in finding the parts on our site and teach you how to do the work.

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