📹 Gaggia Classic Pro and Evo Pro: Cleaning, Maintenance, Backflushing and Descaling

Learn to perform routine maintenance on your Gaggia Classic Pro and Evo Pro, including cleaning, backflushing, and descaling. 

Just like you take your car in for routine maintenance a couple times a year, performing regular maintenance on  your Gaggia Classic Pro will prevent problems and ensure your machine runs properly for years. 

Important Notes:

  • If Descaling is not done on a regular basis and even if you water is a normal hardness, it is possible that scale can come  loose and cause blockages in the three way solenoid valve.
  • While doing a descale, do not run the descaling solution through the group as it could cause scale to build up in the three way solenoid valve. This would then require disassembly for manual cleaning.
  • Important: To prevent scale from building up in the first place we highly recommend that you use the BWT Bestsave S Anti Scale filters.

For Older Classics:  Do not backflush the older style Classic unless you have installed the Stainless Steel shower holding plate. The Classic Pro and Evo Pro have them installed at the factory. 

Associated parts:


 Failure of normal wear and tear items such as group gaskets, seals and shower screens are not covered under warranty.  Issues due to scale build up or lack of maintenance are not covered.

If you would like to have one our skilled technicians repair your machine, click the link below. 

Set up a Repair

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