Gaggia Brera, Velasca, and Cadorna: Water Tank Emptying, Leaking or Overfilling the Tray When Not in Use

Learn what to do when the water tank is emptying, leaking and/or overfilling the drip tray when not in use. Applicable for all Gaggia Brera, Gaggia Velasca, and Gaggia Cadorna models.

When a Gaggia machine's water tank is emptying or leaking, and/or the drip tray overfilling when not in use, this type of issue, in most cases, it’s usually due to the water tank not being seated in all the way.

If the tank is not pushed in all the way, water will seep out of the valve on the back of the water tank and then end up in the tray. This can especially be the case when the machine is not in use and water ends up in the tray (it can only be coming from the tank in this scenario). Be sure the tank is pushed into the machine and this should resolve the problem.

Inspect the water tank housing area and make sure there is nothing in there which would prevent the water tank from seating properly. You could also check the water tank itself and inspect for any cracks that may be allowing a leakage; this is rare but can happen.

One last thing you can try is to:

  1. Take the water tank out.
  2. Dry off the outside of the tank thoroughly.
  3. Fill it with water.
  4. Set it on a paper towel for about 20-30 minutes and then examine for any water loss or leaks.

Also keep in mind that the valve on the back of the tank really shouldn't be losing any water while it is out of the machine. If you try the steps listed above and no leakage is found anywhere, then the issue is most likely due to the way the tank was inserted into the machine.

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