📹 Gaggia Brera: Not Entering Descale Cycle

What to do when a Gaggia Brera isn't starting the descale cycle properly. Includes an updated set of instructions for completing through the machine's descaling cycle, as well as instructions for when priming or the flowmeter is the cause of the issue.

For when a Gaggia Brera isn't starting the descale cycle properly, check out the updated set of instructions attached at the end of this article "Descaling the Gaggia Brera" that goes over completing the Brera's descaling cycle. The machine's software was updated in 2015, but the manual wasn't updated, so you make sure the insurrections you are following are up to date.

Secondly, the descaling cycle is fairly long, and the machine may just need to finish the descale cycle. Make sure that you have gone through the complete cycle, as outlined in the attached file.

If that doesn't work, the issue may be associated with priming or with the flowmeter. I have a couple of videos linked below that might be able to resolve the priming issue on your machine. Please try working through these videos, next:

How to Prime a Gaggia Brera

How To: Gaggia Brera Flow Meter Wire Connection Check

To assist with the second video, here is a link to the parts diagram for your machine:

Additionally, if those videos don't help, we do have a few additional support articles dedicated to flow issues on your machine:

For additional support now or in the future, check out the rest of our Gaggia Brera Support Library.

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