📹 ECM Synchronika: Service Steam and Hot Water Valves

Learn how to do general maintenance of steam and hot water taps on the ECM Synchronika semi-automatic espresso machine. Included videos show how to fix squeaks, leaks and droopy wands, as well as how to remove and install the housing of your machine.


ECM Synchronika: Servicing Steam and Hot Water Valves

Additionally, the video below shows how to remove and install the outer housing panels on your machine, if needed:

ECM Synchronika: How to Remove and Install Housing

Included below is the exploded diagram of the valves and wands of your machine, as well as a list of part names:

Please be aware that not all parts listed above are available on our website. So, if you need anything please call (585) 924-7170 (Option 1) to have a sales representative help set up an order.

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