Bezzera Duo and Bezzera Matrix: Group Heater Not Working and No Power When Turning On

Learn what to do when the group heater for a Bezzera Duo or Bezzera Matrix stops working, as well as what to do when you get no power when turning on the machine.

The Bezzera Duo and Bezzera Matrix have two heating elements that heat the group. If you find the heating elements in the group stop working, or that your machine will not power on, the issue may be that the control board has been damaged.

The triac on the control board that manages the group heating element of the Matrix and Duo is designed for 2 A of current. Its heatsink assures a correct temperature dissipation but in some cases, due to the room temperature and working condition, it can work at or past its specific limit. To fix this issue, Bezzera recommends using one heating element, and replacing the control board. This will solve the problem and properly heat the group.

To set your machine up to use only one heating element, you will need to cut the two wires (circled in blue, below) and then seal them up individually. You can seal them with small wire nuts and tape to secure them.


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