Profitec Pro 700: Squeaky Lever Arm

Learn what to do if a Profitec Pro 700 espresso machine has a stiff or squeaky lever arm.

This issue is due to the lubricant on the internal components wearing off and can be caused by backflushing with a detergent too frequently or using too much detergent. If you experience this issue every time you back flush, we recommend decreasing the amount of detergent used. 

Over time and with use, the seals and gaskets will become dry and stiff. You probably just need to lubricate the two gaskets (# 15) inside the lever arm. Here's a screenshot of them, on your machine:

We have detailed instructions on a full tear down, deep cleaning, and lubrication of the full E61 group head, below:

Also, here is the parts diagram for you machine, to assist you with this:

We recommend using a NSF certified, food-safe lubricant, like Molycote 111 or Petro-Gel. Here are pictures of each, below:

You won't need to do the full tear-down, but definitely open up the lever arm, clean and lubricate those gaskets, and re-install the lever arm. That should prevent the stiffness and squeaky / jerky movement of the lever.

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