Profitec Pro 500, Profitec Pro 600, and Profitec Pro 800: Reservoir Not Sensing Water

Learn what to do if the reservoir is not sensing water on a Profitec Pro 500, Profitec Pro 600, or Profitec Pro 800 espresso machine.  

This issue is typically represented by the orange lamp and PID turning off, but the green lamp remaining on. The most common cause is an issue with the magnetic float inside your reservoir. If it is missing, orientated incorrectly, stuck at the bottom, or covered in scale; the sensor will not read the magnet on the float.

Make sure the float is:

  • Free floating and not stuck
  • Clean
  • Orientated with the magnet at the top and facing the reservoir wall (See photos below).


  • Not entirely missing.

Below is a link to a support article with a video which discusses the float and how to use a simple magnet off your fridge to isolate if the problem is on the reservoir or the machine. This is demonstrated on an ECM Synchronika, but the test is the same on any Profitec or ECM machine with a reservoir sensor. Check out chapter "5. Water Sensor Test (03:50)" of the video for information pertaining to this topic.

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