📹 Profitec Pro 500 PID: Not Staying Hot or Not Getting Hot Enough

Learn what to do when a Profitec Pro 500 PID espresso machine is heating up, but not maintaining temperature, or only reaching partial temperature setting.

When this occurs, there are typically two things that cause it: a bad static relay, or a fault in your machine's CPU. You can actually test the static relay pretty easily, at home. If the relay tests out as being good, then we know it's a bad CPU.

First, you want to remove the machine housing and locate the static relay. Here's a support article with a video on housing removal:

Here is a support article with a downloadable PDF of your machine's parts diagram, to assist you with this:

Here is a video on testing a static relay on another machine (Expobar Brewtus). Although the machine will look different, the testing process is the same for any static relay.

How To Test Electronic Systems in Expobar Brewtus PID Espresso Machines

If you determine the relay to be the issue, give us a call at (585) 924-7170 (Option 1) to have a sales representative help set up an order. The part number is ECM-P6029.

The relay is very easy to replace as it is plug and play. Here is a support article with a video on that process here:

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