📹 Profitec Pro 500 PID: Check and Reset High-Limit Switches

Learn how to check and reset the high-limit switches on a Profitec Pro 500 PID espresso machine.

If your machine is not heating up, resetting the high-limit switches may solve the problem. The high-limit switches can trip if a machine is turned on and there's not enough water in a boiler causing it to overheat. If your machine's green and orange lights are on, and your machine isn't heating at all, it could very well be due to your high-limit thermostats. You have two on your machine's boiler:


Here is a support article with a video on removing your machine's housing:

You'll want to tap the little black button a couple of times, and also make sure the wire connections are tight on the thermostats. Here is a video of this on a Pro 700. It will be laid out differently, but they use the same thermostats:

How To Reset High-Limit Switches on a Profitec Pro 700 Espresso Machine

Give that a try, first. If you tried resetting the high-limit, by tapping the small button in the center a few times, and it did not allow the machine to heat up, we recommend testing that high-limit switch to see if its faulty.

You want to use a digital multimeter for look for continuity. Here is a picture of a good, digital multimeter, with the continuity symbol circled in blue:

You want to turn the multimeter on, and set it on this setting, then touch the multimeter's probes together. Whatever the multimeter shows or does (i.e. a number, a sound, a light) shows continuity. You want the same reading on the high-limit. Unplug the two electrical connectors from the high-limit, and touch the multimeter probes to the nodes on the high-limit. Note what the multimeter does.

Below is a video on testing the high-limits. This is shown on an Expobar machine, but testing a high-limit switch is the same on any machine:​

How To Test Electronic Systems in Expobar Brewtus PID Espresso Machines

If you can test your high-limit, and it proves to be faulty, you can just replace it. The part number is ECM-C199901550.1. Call (585) 924-7170 (Option 1) to have a sales representative help set up an order.

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