ECM Puristika: Water Connection Attachments

Learn about water connection attachments for an ECM Puristika espresso machine.

1. The Puristika comes with: 2 water lines, a water reservoir, a cap for the water reservoir, a waterline with line filter and a small directions leaflet. When you open the accessory box, the directions for the correct orientation for the water lines can be found inside the water reservoir.


2. Looking at the cap to the water reservoir, you will see an open connection point and a connection point with a nipple on it. Take the water line with the line filter and slide that onto the nipple. This will be for the intake connection.


3. Take one of the water lines and plug it into the connection point with the nipple, then look to the back of the machine and plug it into the “In” connection. Take your other waterline and plug it into the open connection, look to the back of the machine and insert the other end of your line into the “Out” connection. 


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